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EcoQuip EQ 200T Mobile Vapor Blast Unit from Graco

The EQ200T is a mobile, self-contained unit, with a diesel-driven compressor and a 95-gallon water storage tank on a D.O.T. approved trailer. It has the ability to blast between 30-100psi blast pressure. This unit is designed to bridge the gap between the light commercial cleaning market – such as graffiti and restoration – and the industrial coatings market. The compact design allows for maximum on-site maneuverability and access to most areas of a work site. Our stainless steel control panel, stainless steel plumbing and components, with variable pressure controls, are user-friendly and easy to operate. This unit comes standard with 50 feet of blast hose, pneumatic or electric dead man control, and a #7 blast nozzle.

• Unparalleled Production Speeds
• Dust Suppression (up to 97% less than conventional blasting)
• Less Media Consumption; Less Cleanup & Disposal
• Easy to Use, Heavy-Duty Components, Exceptionally Reliable

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The EQ 200T is currently ONLY available for purchase. Please contact us at 1-888-CJSpray (1-888-257-7729) to check on rental availability.




Type Diesel
Model 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel
Power 45~57 HP @ 2600RPM
Oil System Pressurized system with spin-on filter
Battery 12  Volt
Fuel Tank Capacity Provides 8+ hours of operation


Type Rotary Screw, Oil Injected
Rated Delivery 175-210 cfm
Operating Pressure 100 psi (7 bar)
Lubrication System Pressurized Lubrication, Spin-on Cartridge Filter, Thermostatically Controlled Oil-to-Air Cooler
Pressure Relief 125-150 psi




Industrial – Restoration – Marine – Graffiti – Cleaning

EcoQuip 200T Vapor Blast Equipment Mobile Unit Rent


Dimensions 174″ L x 68″ W x 62″ H
Weight 4,000 lbs. Dry / 5,400 lbs. Wet
Pot Diameter 24 In.
Pot Water Capacity 42.6 Gal.
Pot Media Capacity 500bs.
Hose Length 50ft. Standard Blast Hose
Available Accessories Hose Extension, Extension Wands & Nozzles
Warranty** Complete Machine for 1 Year From Original Purchase Date (necessary PM items excluded)


* For the best production use performance media with a medium to fine mesh size.
** Please see complete warranty for details. Specification subject to change without notice.

To purchase the EQ 200T, head over to or call us at 1-888-CJSpray for pricing and custom packages.

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Complete Machine for 1-Year From Original Purchase Date (necessary PM items excluded) Call one of our Spray Equipment Specialists at 1-888-CJSpray for additional information.